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The best restaurant in Kaposvár Memoriae restaurant - the best food and drinks in one place, the best restaurant in Kapososvár

The best restaurant in Kaposvár

The best restaurant in Kaposvár

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"A very nicely decorated restaurant with characterful and kind staff," wrote one of our lovely guests. Memoriae is the best restaurant in Kaposvár - gastronomic specialties made from quality ingredients, on beautiful plates, served with the best wines, with friendly and knowledgeable staff and renowned chefs.
The best restaurant in Kaposvár for small business event

Which is the best restaurant in Kaposvár?

Are you also looking for the best restaurant in Kaposvár because you want to surprise your family with something exciting, enchant your dating partner, celebrate your birthday in a dignified way, or simply have a good meal in a good place on the weekend or on a weekday evening? We have good news: you have found the perfect place. The Memoriae restaurant not only offers impeccable food and special gastronomic specialties, but also a real taste journey in the wonderful downtown of Kaposvár.

"Our name comes from the Latin word for 'memory'. At the entrance of the restaurant stands a huge elephant statue from India: it is said that elephants do not forget. Together, these motifs symbolize the importance of memories in our lives, our intention to make our guests think of us with a beautiful memory." - Zoltán Pap, Corporate Chef

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The best restaurant in Kaposvár with the most unique menu

If Memoriae is already the best restaurant in Kaposvár, then it is a basic expectation that we put the best food on the table. Our chefs prepare special flavor combinations, create very special dishes from fresh ingredients and serve them really elegantly. Fine dining-quality food, premium wines, other drinks, a special selection of non-alcoholic drinks, the most delicious traditional cakes with a twist - this is the menu of the best restaurant in Kaposvár, Memoriae. You can view our current menu on our website.



The best restaurant in Kaposvár also for events

The best restaurant in Kaposvár, Memoriae, also has private event rooms, so it is possible to hold various events. We welcome all types of business and private events - weddings, engagement parties, birthday gatherings. We also have a separate event organizing team who help with organization and execution. For details, contact our colleagues or fill out the form below and they will contact you!

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Why is Memoriae the best restaurant in Kaposvár?

Shall we reveal our secret now? "Our mission: to cook and entertain from the heart, with love, to give memories." We don't just simply prepare food, we also serve the finest, most characteristic flavors on our plates. For our dishes, we use the best recipes of international cuisines, a little crazy, and the finest fresh, seasonal ingredients. Every member of our staff does everything to ensure that every guest feels as comfortable as possible from the moment they book a table. Fortunately, our guests also appreciate our efforts, Google reviews show that Memoriae is the best restaurant in Kaposvár, as we are rated 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 188 reviews.

Best restaurant in Kaposvár reviews

"He was already sympathetic when booking a table over the phone. A very nicely decorated restaurant with characterful and kind staff. From taking the order to leaving, they made sure we had a good time. The appetizer, soup, main course and dessert were without exception great, the chef colleagues took care of themselves. Definitely 5* for the place and the staff. Congratulations and thank you for the hospitality!"
"The quality of the service is unmatched, the food really makes memories."
"The place is great, great food, tasty serving. The service is very nice. Allergens are indicated on the menu, but the waiters are willing to help. You can also find gluten-free, egg-free and lactose-free dishes. We were very satisfied. 10/10.”
"The restaurant itself is the embodiment of quality, sophistication, and uniqueness. Definitely not to be missed. Our food was very delicious and special. The staff is very friendly, attentive and helpful."
"If we had known about the restaurant in Kaposvár before, we would have visited it much more. Great, attentive service. Perfect food. We'll be back.”
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