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Romantic dinner in Kaposvár | Memoriae Restaurant


Romantic dinner in Kaposvár

There is no better gift for your partner for a birthday, anniversary, or just as a surprise than a romantic dinner in Kaposvár, at the Memoriae restaurant. We are waiting for you with special dishes, wines that go best with the food, premium champagnes, dessert specialties and a uniquely romantic atmosphere!
Romantic dinner in Kaposvár

Special romantic dinner in Kaposvár

The word memory is already in the name of the Memoriae restaurant. We not only provide our guests with a simple dinner, but also try to conjure up a very memorable experience. A romantic dinner in Kaposvár that will be remembered happily for a long time? Zoltán Pap, Corporate Chef, conjures even more special dishes on the plates. Our menu includes several dishes suitable for romantic dinners. Since we always work with high-quality, fresh ingredients, our menu is updated seasonally. This season, our chefs have planned more special dishes than ever before. You can also find our fresh menu on our website.

Of course, a romantic dinner in Kaposvár would not be complete without premium drinks. We keep the best local, Balaton and international wine specialties chilled for the big moments, several premium champagnes are also available in our bar. We also have special cocktails, even in alcohol-free versions, which are the ladies' favourites.

The Memoriae restaurant is located in the city center, which in itself provides a very cozy and beautiful environment for a romantic evening. The restaurant has an elegant and stylish interior, which contributes to the special atmosphere. Choose the most romantic and unique restaurant, for which others travel all the way from the shores of Lake Balaton! A romantic dinner in Kaposvár at the Memoriae restaurant? If you already have the date for the dinner, we recommend that you reserve a table using the form below! Please write your special needs in the comments section so that the romantic dinner in Kaposvár can really be perfect!


Romantic dinner in Kaposvár even for a first date

A romantic dinner is an ideal opportunity to get closer to each other and get to know each other better. While you wait for the heavenly meals, you can talk. Thanks to the wines that match the dishes, they were able to get closer to each other. Every lady wants a romantic dinner in Kaposvár, even if she doesn't say so!In the case of a longer relationship, it can help rekindle the flame and remind you of the good times you spent together. The special atmosphere of the Memoriae restaurant will especially help with this.

Romantic dinner in Kaposvár for special occasions

A romantic dinner in Kaposvár is the perfect gift for any special occasion. Nowadays, it is more and more customary to donate experiences rather than unnecessary items. Celebrate your wedding anniversary with a special dinner that is a fitting reminder of the years you spent together. Valentine's Day is a classic occasion for a romantic dinner, we typically prepare a special menu for this special day, just like our Women's Day surprises. Of course, a romantic dinner in Kaposvár does not require a special occasion, you will receive premium service any day of the year!

Romantic dinner in Kaposvár food for sensitive people

A romantic dinner in Kaposvár is for everyone, even those who are gluten-intolerant, lactose-intolerant, diabetic, have a vegan lifestyle, or have any other unique needs. At the Memoriae restaurant, we are prepared for everything, our chefs and servers know allergens and different sensitivities - they are trained. Allergens are listed on our menu, if you have special needs, let us know and we will pay extra attention to your plates! You can indicate your request either when booking a table or on the spot. Evaluation of a dear guest with food sensitivities:
"The place is great, great food, tasty serving. The service is very nice. Allergens are indicated on the menu, but the waiters are also willing to help. You can also find gluten-free, egg-free and lactose-free dishes. We were very satisfied. 10/10.”
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