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These are the most important tips for organizing summer events

The weather is getting warmer. In anticipation of the summer heat, our event organizing team has gathered some advice for organizing summer events. Although it doesn't seem like a big science, if we don't pay attention to the small details, summer events can easily fail.


Romantic dinner in Kaposvár

There is no better gift for your partner for a birthday, anniversary, or just as a surprise than a romantic dinner in Kaposvár, at the Memoriae restaurant. We are waiting for you with special dishes, wines that go best with the food, premium champagnes, dessert specialties and a uniquely romantic atmosphere!


Outdoor restaurant Kaposvár

An outdoor restaurant in downtown Kaposvár for light summer evenings, family gatherings, meetings with friends, or even romantic dinners? The Memoriae restaurant in the city center is the perfect choice! In the summer, we welcome our guests with special cocktails and a special seasonal menu!


These are the best summer programs in Kaposvár

Kaposvár and its surroundings offer plenty of opportunities for recreation and entertainment in the summer. Since the bright summer is almost here, and the school will soon be ringing for the break, we thought of collecting the best summer programs in Kaposvár for you.


Kaposvár restaurants

The selection of restaurants in Kaposvár is very colorful. In addition to fast food restaurants, the list also includes quality Kaposvár restaurants where you can have a romantic dinner or a business lunch. Among these quality restaurants, our recently opened restaurant Memoriae stands out - not only in our opinion, but also according to the feedba...


Terrace restaurant in Kaposvár

Summer is finally here, the good weather, the sunshine - and with it, the Memoriae terrace restaurant in Kaposvár, in the city center, is also opening its outdoor part. In the fresh air, in the sun, you can enjoy our most delicious dishes and our excellent cocktails, there are also non-alcoholic ones!


These are the most beautiful wedding flowers

Planning a wedding is full of excitement. The wonderful overall picture will finally come together if we pay attention to every little detail, for example, to choose the most elegant and beautiful flowers as the accent elements of the wedding decoration. We think these are the most beautiful wedding flowers!


Here are the best graduation gift ideas

Graduation is a very important event in the lives of children and young people, a real milestone. We always watch with joy as family members celebrate with sparkling eyes that their little girl, little boy, who just started school, has already finished it, and not just by any means. It's a very nice event, yes, but let's be honest, giving gifts is ...


Wedding restaurant in Kaposvár

Organizing a wedding is not a small task, and perhaps the most important and also the most difficult part of the whole organizational work is finding the perfect place to say I do and to celebrate after I do. Could a beautiful, elegant and yet romantic wedding restaurant in the magical center of Kaposvár be ideal?


Restaurant event hall in Kaposvár

Restaurant event hall in Kaposvár for business, family or private events? The Memoriae restaurant is located in the center of Kaposvár, and its private event room can accommodate 50 people. We offer special discounts for events.
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