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Memoriae | modern restaurant in Kaposvár, with gastronomic specialties


Our history revolves around memory

We revive our memories when we set the table as our grandmother taught us, we reach deep into our memory when we are looking for inspiration, we think of our father's knife when a knife is not sharp enough.

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Greetings from Memoriae

An unforgettable restaurant in Kaposvár, Hungary

Our memories make us unique. They mark our journey so far as a milestone, they show direction to our descendants, we cherish our traditions by living in them, they create a connection between the experiences of the past and the aspirations of the present.

An elephant never forgets, and we work every day to provide our dear guests with unforgettable memories and to look back on the time spent with us with pleasure!
High-quality service, elegant environment. The food is very delicious, I would especially like to highlight the buttery, crumbly meats. All five stars. Thank You. Alexandra Ábri-Kun
Great restaurant. You can try really imaginative food dishes here. Everything was very delicious and special. The service was quick and attentive. The atmosphere of the place was especially enhanced by the music for me.
If I have the chance to visit Kaposvár again, I will definitely go back.
Mia Szigeti

Exceptionally pleasant place and service. Special attention is paid to those with food allergies. They bake gluten-free bread separately, which is almost indistinguishable from the original. The staff is highly trained, kind and fast. They bring a high standard, both in terms of food and service and selection. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area.
István Benák
Everything was delicious! A real flavor bomb and the serving was also very good. The service was also excellent, the servers were very friendly and direct. I strongly recommend it to everyone :) (especially the celery cream soup and the tenderloin) Barbara Kardos
We came from Budapest to celebrate a round birthday and the restaurant turned out to be a great choice. Everything was served very nicely, the food and drinks were delicious, the service was of a high standard, and the price/value ratio of the place is outstanding. A few hours later we came back for a drink, and we will definitely come again ☺️ Congratulations and thank you very much for the hospitality! Angelika Turoczi
I haven't had such a pleasant experience in a long time! We have had real, kind service! Here, the guest comes first!
The buffets were impeccably prepared, delicious and delicious. We stayed for lunch, i.e. only soup, because after the hearty breakfast we could only eat so much, but I have never eaten such a tasty venison goulash before!
Zoltán Vancsik
Kind, friendly service and a pleasant atmosphere always welcome you. Lately, we've been asking for the weekly chef's offer for takeaway, because here you can definitely eat delicious food at a fair price-value ratio. I am glad that there is such a high-quality restaurant in the city. Takács Loretta
We only came here for breakfast, but we will definitely come here for lunch, based on the service and the menu! I think it's really worth it! If you come here, go in, I don't think you will be disappointed! 😁 Dobos Ferenc
I've been here before, I remember how delicious it was even then.
Today we ate Caesar salad and salmon with shallot risotto.
I will remember that too. So I have two memories that give the name of the place in Latin?
Peter Vukovics
September 18-22
Current weekly offer at the Memoriae restaurant in Kaposvár
September 18-22

September 18-22

Weekly offer

Venison ragout soup with tarragon
Duck breast, celery puree, pearl onion sauce

4.490 Ft

Our Carte

Breakfast Soups Appetizer Main course Dessert For children
American pancake (three pcs) with fruits and syrup
1.700 Ft

Grilled cheese sandwich: parma ham, mozzarella, ruccola
1.190 Ft

Benedict royal - poached eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, hollandaise sauce
3.200 Ft

Benedict - poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and crispy bacon with maple syrup
2.300 Ft

Ham and mushroom omelette: three scrambled eggs, fresh salad, toast
1.900 Ft

Ham omelette: three scrambled eggs, fresh salad, toast
1.900 Ft

Avocado toast two pcs: avocado cream, bacon, sliced tomato, egg
1.390 Ft

Bacon-onion omelette: three scrambled eggs, fresh salad, toast
1.900 Ft

Bacon-onion omelette: three scrambled eggs, fresh salad, toast
1.900 Ft

Cheese omelette: three scrambled eggs, fresh salad, toast
1.900 Ft

"Újházi" broth made of rooster, beef rump
2.590 Ft

Cauliflower foamsoup flavoured with tonka bean, mascarpone, chili-citrus shrimp
2.390 Ft

Peach soup with caramel and mascarpone
2.490 Ft

Vegetarian dipping, marinated vegetables (Smoky eggplant cream, egg cream ajvar)
2.190 Ft

Poultry liver mousse, beetroot gel, pumpkin, salad, pumpkin seed crisp
3.590 Ft

Celery textures, confit goose gizzard
2.790 Ft

Marrow "sandwich"
2.990 Ft

Greenbean pottage with grilled tofu
3.900 Ft

Slowly braised deerneck with pumpkin gnocchi
5.490 Ft

Roast beef in "Eszterházy" style
4.900 Ft

Beef tenderloin "rossini", mashed potatoes with truffles
11.900 Ft

Porkloin steak with cabbage lasagne, baked pearl onion, cabbage crisp
4.490 Ft

Mangalica filet in ham coating with greenpea pureé, confit potato, greenpepper jus
6.490 Ft

Porkfillet in crispy coat with german potato salad
4.790 Ft

Chicken supreme paprikash, dumplings with bacon
4.900 Ft

Chicken leg, rice and peas, dill-yoghurt cucumber salad
4.900 Ft

Goose leg, guince-cabbage, dumplings
8.900 Ft

Pumpkin seed, pumpkin, cocoa (Pumpkinseed mousse, pumpkin,cocoa sponge)
1.280 Ft

Chocolate,raspberry (Brownie, chocolate cream, chocolate crisp)
1.990 Ft

Poppy seed dough, vanilla, plum (Poppy seed dough, vanilla sauce, poppyseed ice cream, baked plum)
1.790 Ft

Breaded and deepfried fish filets and potato pureé
1.790 Ft

Chicken nuggets with fries
1.790 Ft

When dreaming up all our dishes, we strive to provide an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Check out the full menu of our Kaposvár restaurant by clicking the button below!

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 Programs at the Memoriae restaurant in Kaposvár
 Programs at the Memoriae restaurant in Kaposvár

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