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Dinner in Kaposvár, Dinner in Kaposvár with special dishes, Date dinner in Kaposvár, Wine dinner in Kaposvár

Dinner in Kaposvár

Dinner in Kaposvár

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Whatever the purpose of the dinner in Kaposvár, we have a very good location offer. Memoriae restaurant's wonderful lights, modern elegance, gourmet menu and premium drink selection make it an excellent venue for family, friendly, romantic or business dinners.
Wine dinner in Kaposvár

Special dinner in Kaposvár

People usually go to a restaurant because they either want to celebrate a special occasion or want to sneak a little something special into their everyday life. If it's about specialties, then let that dinner in Kaposvár be really special! The Memoriae restaurant is very special even at first glance, a wonderful elephant guards the guests' happiness. The elephant, the symbol of our restaurant, is a special symbol. You know the saying that an elephant never forgets? You won't forget the special dinner at the Memoriae restaurant either! Zoltán Pap - Corporate Chef takes care of the unforgettable gourmet meals and beautiful plates! If you want to taste heavenly veal, shrimp, or torn duck with a very special seasoning, then book a table!

A special dinner in Kaposvár, at an arm's length from the wonderful lights of the city center? Special drinks, with even more special desserts, the finest wines of the region, homemade syrups? Reserve a table at the Memoriae restaurant!

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Romantic dinner in Kaposvár

An intimate, romantic dinner in Kaposvár, First date or second? On the contrary, it's the umpteenth, but very special, since it's the anniversary of your acquaintance, are you planning to pop the big question to the one in your heart? Either way, the Memoriae restaurant provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner in Kaposvár! Try the most unique gastronomic specialties of our menu and the delicious wines that go with it! Of course, a romantic dinner in Kaposvár is not the real one without a heavenly dessert, luckily there are several specialties on the menu! Regarding special requests, make arrangements in advance when booking a table in the message section!

Family dinner in Kaposvár

An important birthday, bachelorette party, graduation ceremony, new job, or a simple 'has it been a long time since the family got together' dinner in Kaposvár? Reserve a table with us! On our menu, everyone will surely find the most suitable food for them, as we have also created a children's menu with children in mind, and we also pay attention to different food allergies! Opinions of our dear guests about our restaurant:

"The poached egg is divine. I can only recommend the duck liver. But really, whatever we asked for, everyone left with a satisfied taste in their mouths. The service is very kind, the place is also very cozy."

"The place is great, great food, tasty serving. The service is very nice. Allergens are indicated on the menu, but the waiters are willing to help. You can also find gluten-free, egg-free and lactose-free dishes. We were very satisfied. 10/10.”

"The restaurant itself is the embodiment of quality, sophistication, and uniqueness. Definitely not to be missed. Our food was very delicious and special. The staff is very friendly, attentive and helpful."

If it is a family event, it is also possible to rent a separate room in our restaurant with a larger number of people. For a dinner following a civil wedding, or for a larger family celebration, ask for an offer in our function rooms, as you can get discounts!

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Business dinner in Kaposvár

We are also business people, so we know very well how important it is at a business dinner that everything happens flawlessly and with the highest quality. Thanks to our professional team, our business guests don't have to worry about anything either. it is also possible to provide a private place. Our quality gourmet food and premium drinks will surely enchant the business party! In our private event rooms with high-tech equipment, we have already held several corporate events with great success: product presentations, press events, company year-ends, workshops!
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