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Gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár, Gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár for a date, Gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár for a business event

Gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár

Gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár

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A gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár for a first date, or for many, for celebrating an anniversary, proposing to a girl, perhaps celebrating a special birthday or name day, business negotiations, or an important business event? The Memoriae gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár awaits guests with special dishes, high-quality service, and the possibility of organizing a private event!
Elegant Gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár

Romantic gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár for a date

There is no better place for a date than the Memoriae gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár. The restaurant's elegant decor will impress the girl you choose at first glance, and our entire staff will work with you as accomplices to steal her heart. Our master chef will prepare the most delicious dishes for you, dressed in festive attire, and our waiters will not only serve you, but also help you find the best drinks to go with the food and the dishes that best suit your taste. Of course, we also have dessert specials! Memoriae, a gourmet restaurant with a romantic atmosphere, is located in the center of Kaposvár, after dinner you can take a pleasant stroll through the streets lined with beautiful buildings in the evening lights.

Are you looking for a place to go on a date, celebrate an anniversary, or perhaps propose to a girl? The romantic gourmet restaurant Memoriae in the wonderful downtown of Kaposvár is the perfect choice! Reserve a table at the time of your choice, discuss any special requests with our team!

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Gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár with gastronomic specialties

The Memoriae Gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár also favors gastronomy lovers. Our menu, which is renewed every season, hides many gastronomic specialties. Are you looking for a restaurant where not only the traditional broth, fried meat, grilled chicken, and pancakes are on the menu, but you can also taste specialties that international critics consider to be the best food in the world? Quail eggs, salmon steak, veal medallion, torn duck, shrimp - and similar gastronomic specialties are on our table, in the most unique servings. Our excellent chefs serve beautiful plate compositions!

The current menu of the Memoriae gourmet restaurant is available here!


Gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár where quality is guaranteed!

A gourmet restaurant cannot be a gourmet restaurant if it does not work with the highest quality ingredients. Memoriae gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár uses the best quality ingredients from local suppliers to prepare such delicious and special dishes! Our menu is updated seasonally, just as the available ingredients change. We do not prepare dishes from frozen or canned ingredients. As with our food, we maintain high quality standards for our drinks as well. The best wines from the cellars of the area, quality short drinks, homemade lemonades with fruit, and special non-alcoholic cocktails can also be found on our drinks menu.

The current drink menu of the Memoriae gourmet restaurant is available here!



Gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár for business occasions

If it's a business meeting, an important negotiation, or company affairs, it doesn't matter at all which location we choose. The Memoriae gourmet restaurant is located in the city center of Kaposvár, in an easily accessible location. With its elegant furnishings and modern, clean atmosphere, it is the perfect place to nurture or even establish business relationships. Gourmet food and premium drinks will be great accompaniments to the evening. If required, it is also possible to provide a private space, and we also have separate event rooms, which are also ideal for larger corporate events!

Gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár with event hall

The Memoriae gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár has several separate event rooms. They can accommodate 50-60 people comfortably. It is possible to furnish these rooms in several ways. Not only a seated reception, but also buffet service and buffet service are available, of course with the usual, high-quality gourmet dishes. Company events, company year-end, year-opening, press event, conference, product presentation? Perhaps a family event such as a birthday, graduation, engagement party, golden wedding, or just a smaller wedding? The Memoriae gourmet restaurant in Kaposvár is the perfect choice, we not only provide a location, but also help with the organization and execution! Ask for a unique offer!

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