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Kaposvár restaurants

The selection of restaurants in Kaposvár is very colorful. In addition to fast food restaurants, the list also includes quality Kaposvár restaurants where you can have a romantic dinner or a business lunch. Among these quality restaurants, our recently opened restaurant Memoriae stands out - not only in our opinion, but also according to the feedback of our guests.
 best Kaposvár restaurants

Selection of restaurants in Kaposvár

Kaposvár has a diverse range of restaurants, so everyone can find something to their liking, be it traditional Hungarian cuisine, modern restaurants or fast food restaurants. Among the restaurants in Kaposvár, our restaurant, the Memoriae restaurant, follows a slightly more modern, quality approach. Our menu includes many gastronomic specialties. In every season, we welcome our guests with fresh, harmonious dishes suitable for the season, aesthetic plates, excellent wines that match the dishes, and special cocktails. You can view our current menu by pressing the button below.

What kind of restaurants are there in Kaposvár?

Kaposvár is the seat of the Somogy county and, at the same time, one of the cities with the largest gastronomic selection in the area. Kaposvár's restaurants offer a wide range of dishes, including traditional dishes of Hungarian cuisine, international dishes, as well as modern and healthy alternatives. Everyone can choose between different dishes depending on their needs. Among the restaurants in Kaposvár there are many pizzerias, but there are also restaurants offering kebabs and traditional Hungarian dishes. The Memoriae restaurant tried to make the colorful selection of restaurants in Kaposvár even more colorful by putting together a menu with a bit of a modern direction and a focus on premium gastronomy. We have reimagined the finest dishes of international cuisine and serve them to our guests morning, evening and noon.

Do the restaurants in Kaposvár have breakfast?

Generally, restaurants in Kaposvár do not offer breakfast, but the Memoriae restaurant is an exception. We try to take into account all the needs of our guests as much as possible. Since the "brunch mania" has spread among the latest gastro fans, our restaurant has added the heartiest breakfasts to its menu, which are almost lunches. You can also have brunch at the Memoriae restaurant in Kaposvár, you can find the breakfast menu on our menu!

On what basis do you choose between the restaurants in Kaposvár?

Decide what type of kitchen you want. In Kaposvár you can find restaurants offering traditional Hungarian, Italian, modern international cuisine and many other styles. Choose the one that best suits your taste or the preferences of your companions. If you can't choose, then try our premium restaurant, the dishes on our menu are all made with premium ingredients and the work of professional chefs - you will not be disappointed in this new taste experience, guaranteed. Read other guests' online reviews and opinions about restaurants. Reviews can help you gain insight into the quality of the food, service and general atmosphere.
"He was already sympathetic when booking a table over the phone. A very nicely decorated restaurant with characterful and kind staff. From taking the order to leaving, they made sure that we had a good time. The appetizer, soup, main course and dessert were without exception great, the chef colleagues took care of themselves. Definitely 5* for the place and the staff. Congratulations and thank you for the hospitality!"

"I don't visit Kaposvár often, but I was lucky enough to go there twice in one week and try the brunch and the lunch. Poached eggs are divine. I can only recommend the duck liver. But really, whatever we asked for, everyone left with a satisfied taste in their mouths. The service is very kind, the place is also very cozy."

"The place is great, great food, tasty serving. The service is very nice. Allergens are indicated on the menu, but the waiters are also willing to help. You can also find gluten-free, egg-free and lactose-free dishes. We were very satisfied. 10/10.”

"The restaurant itself is the embodiment of quality, sophistication, and uniqueness. Definitely not to be missed. Our food was very delicious and special. The staff is very friendly, attentive and helpful."


Are the restaurants in Kaposvár also suitable for holding events?

The Memoriae restaurant does! We work with professional event organizers. We have already organized many corporate, family, friend and private events. We also have a separate event hall reserved for this purpose, where the smooth running of events is guaranteed. Meals are served upon request, buffet service and individual menus are also available. Company event, conference, year-end, team building, maybe family gathering or wedding? Find us! You can request a unique offer by filling out the form below!

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