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Memoriae is waiting with a renewed menu

We are waiting for you with a new menu!

We are waiting for you with a new menu!

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In the past few days, our team, led by Richárd Farkas, performed superhumanly in order for you to choose your favorites from our exciting new menu!
Memoriae is waiting with a renewed menu We are pleased to present our new menu, the introduction of which is a real milestone in the life of the Memoriae restaurant. When dreaming up the menu items, we were able to welcome Richárd Farkas to our team for the first time, who joined us as a technical chef. Richárd's arrival brought fresh, creative impetus and new energy, while his professional knowledge opens up new dimensions in the culinary world of our restaurant.

Richárd, the creative chef awarded the Young Chef Talent of the Year award by Dining Guide, started his work from the ground up: he got to know the traditions and history of Somogy gastronomy, and then combined this knowledge with his own creativity and professional experience. During the joint work, all team members actively participated in the development and implementation of the menu concept - the colleagues working in the kitchen as well as our colleagues working in the guest area.

During the creation of the new menu, we paid special attention to ensure that our dishes not only provide a taste experience, but also tell stories. Our dishes are dominated by the harmony of Somogyi roots, classic gastronomy and modern dishes: this is how you can find reimagined nokedli with eggs and game meat with forest mushrooms, all in a new guise, but with the quality guaranteed by Memoriae.

You can try our new menu in our restaurant from April 5, 2024. For details of our offers, please click here: View menu

Try our new menu!

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Our pictures of creating the new menu

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