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These are the best summer programs in Kaposvár (2024)


These are the best summer programs in Kaposvár

Kaposvár and its surroundings offer plenty of opportunities for recreation and entertainment in the summer. Since the bright summer is almost here, and the school will soon be ringing for the break, we thought of collecting the best summer programs in Kaposvár for you.
best summer programs in Kaposvár

At the top of the best summer programs in Kaposvár: Lake Deseda

When it comes to summer programs in Kaposvár, the favorite of all Kaposvár families cannot be left out, our great Deseda lake. We always like to walk by the lake, in the wonderful nature, but in summer it is even better to walk by the water, to rest in the shade of the huge leafy trees. There are all kinds of great programs here for families with small children, and for older ones as well: boat rental, playground, bicycle rental, and they even organize boat trips. And of course, you shouldn't forget the István Fekete Visitor Center located here, if you haven't been here yet, you should definitely try it this summer!

The Virágfürdő Aquapark cannot be left out of the best programs in Kaposvár

If it's summer and Kaposvár, then the Virágfürdő Aquapark is an unmissable program! A little cooling splash comes in handy, especially on the hottest summer days. It is no coincidence that the Virágfürdő Aquapark is particularly popular among families in the summer, with numerous pools, water slides and wellness services providing relaxation for all ages.


The Rippl-Rónai Museum cannot be left out of the summer programs in Kaposvár

The museum commemorates the famous painter of Kaposvár, József Rippl-Rónai, presenting his life and work. The institution has several exhibition halls where the artist's paintings and objects of use can be viewed. Through temporary exhibitions, visitors can also gain an insight into the works of other artists.


Excursions cannot be left out of the best summer programs

Did you like to go on trips? In the summer, it's very nice to walk in the cool woods and get some fresh air, don't you agree? The area of Zselic is located in the immediate vicinity of Kaposvár and is only 20-30 kilometers from the city. This proximity makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers, as there are wonderful landscapes and great hiking spots here. Zselic is famous for its lush forests, clean air and quiet, peaceful environment. In addition, Zselic is also known as a star park, which means that the night sky is exceptionally clear, making it an ideal location for astronomical observations. Isn't it exciting to watch shooting stars from here? We think so!


Among the summer programs in Kaposvár, you can't miss exploring the sights of the city center

The sights of Kaposvár provide a great experience for those who discover the city in every season. Our small town shows a different face in every light, every month. However, we think that the special buildings of the city center, which tourists usually sing about, are the most beautiful in the summer sun. Check it out 19-20. Art Nouveau buildings of our city built at the turn of the century, take a long walk in the city center. It's worth looking at the downtown buildings if only because it's easy to spot our restaurant, the Memories restaurant. We await our guests in the summer with special summer dishes, refreshments and a terrace area!
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