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How to choose the color of the wedding? These are the most important aspects

How to find the perfect wedding color for you?

How to find the perfect wedding color for you?

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Choosing wedding colors is an important step in wedding planning and there are many factors to consider when choosing the right color combination. Below we have collected some tips for choosing the main color and secondary colors of the wedding.
how to choose a wedding color

These aspects should be taken into account when choosing a wedding color

Choosing wedding colors is not easy, as several aspects must be taken into account. Give it plenty of time, if necessary, test several colors on the spot! We show you a lot of advice, but the most important thing is always to listen to your inner voice, your own wishes, in any wedding question, including when choosing a wedding color.

Style and mood are very important when choosing wedding colors

First of all, think about the common style and mood you want to create at the wedding. Choose colors that match the chosen theme and style and contribute to the overall mood and atmosphere. For example, pastel, elegant colors are more suitable for a classic wedding, but orange also fits easily in a bohemian style.

Wedding colors are also influenced by the seasons

When choosing a wedding color, consider the time of the wedding and the season, because the weather and the natural environment can affect the choice of color. For example, for a spring wedding, pastel colors or shades inspired by flowers can be ideal, while for an autumn wedding, you should vote for warm, deeper colors, and there is nothing more beautiful than a magical snow-white winter wedding!

Personal preferences are also important when choosing a wedding color

No matter what anyone says and no matter what tips you read in wedding magazines, what matters most is what you and your partner want. Always consider your own personal preferences and style. Choose colors that reflect your personality and style. A good wedding planner or decorator can incorporate any color into the wedding.

Look for wedding colors that match the location

Take into account the location and environment of the wedding. Choose colors that harmonize with the decoration and natural environment of the location.

Trends are not so important when choosing wedding colors

While it's important to consider fashion and current trends, don't let them completely dictate your decision. Choose timeless colors that will hold their own in the long term and with which you will look back on the wedding with pleasure.

Instead of a single wedding color, have a combination of colors

If you have difficulty choosing colors, consider color combinations. For example, analogous colors (colors next to one color on the color wheel) or complementary colors (colors on opposite sides of each other on the color wheel) often work well together and create a harmonious harmony.

Always test the wedding colors!

Don't forget to try out different color combinations and observe how they look in a real environment. Look at some wedding color schemes or inspiration pictures and consider the colors you like.

These mistakes should be avoided when it comes to wedding colors

Choosing the wedding color or colors is not easy, and unfortunately there is every chance of making a mistake. That's why we show you some common mistakes, which you better pay attention to.
  • Avoiding excesses: Avoid the use of excessive colors and too many combinations, as they can be confusing and lose harmony in the wedding decoration.
  • Consistency: Be consistent with the color palette throughout the event. Choose a main color or pair of colors and add some complementary colors that harmonize with each other.
  • Color Meaning: Research the meaning and mood of the colors you choose and make sure they match the theme and mood of the wedding. For example, bright colors are suitable for happy, cheerful weddings, while pastel colors or deeper shades may be ideal for romantic and elegant weddings.

If you need a good wedding planning team or a wedding venue fitting a fairy tale, feel free to contact us!

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