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6 items everyone needs on their wedding day (but many don't think about), important wedding items

Six items everyone needs on their wedding day

Six items everyone needs on their wedding day

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Our restaurant is also very at home in organizing events, we have organized and conducted countless weddings. Maybe you too will find the perfect location for the Big Day in our restaurant located in the beautiful downtown of Kaposvár? Be that as it may, here are some tips for wedding preparations! Here are 6 things you will definitely need on the Big Day!
Important wedding items and supplies

Indispensable wedding accessories: Wooden hanger for the wedding dress

We know it sounds simple - but listen up! One of the most important details that a photographer captures on the big day is the wedding dress. The last thing you want is a picture of the most beautiful dress of your life hanging on a plastic hanger... Nowadays, you can even buy unique wooden hangers with the date of the wedding and your name, with decorative elements matching the color of the wedding. It seems like a small thing, but it's really a huge thing!

Essential wedding accessories: Extra champagne

There is never enough champagne on the Big Day! Fortunately, our restaurant never runs out of the best drinks. Champagne is needed not only because this event needs to be thoroughly celebrated, but also because great creative wedding photos can be taken while popping champagne. Make it with the bridesmaids and the groom too!

Essential wedding accessories: Steamer

If you've ever dated a guy for more than five minutes, you know that ironing isn't usually on the list of talents. But if you have a steamer, you or your lady friends can save men with wrinkled clothes.

Essential wedding accessories: Plus shirt

If it's hot, it's easy to sweat, especially in the groom's layered attire. We always recommend that the groom (and even the groomsman) have more than one shirt so he can change if needed.

Essential wedding supplies: Printed schedule

Print a schedule and give it to several people in the wedding party! This helps everyone know where they need to be, and helps you avoid having to answer the same ceremony question for the twenty-sixth time.

Essential wedding accessories: Hand fans

Nowadays, you can get very small, beautiful mini fans, which are so small that they fit in small women's bags, and thanks to the different colors, they are also very attractive. These can be very useful for summer weddings. We recommend that each bridesmaid has one, so that the bride can ask for it if necessary.

You haven't even found the perfect wedding venue? Then maybe you will right now! Our restaurant is located in the center of the wonderful Kaposvár, close to churches and offices. We also have separate event rooms, but we can also provide an event tent if necessary. We take care not only of the location, but also of the unique decoration and catering! Request a unique offer by filling out the form!
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