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Kaposvár attractions: programs, ideas for a trip to Kaposvár

Kaposvár attractions

Kaposvár attractions

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Discover our favorite city: here are the best sights in Kaposvár that you should see when you visit us!
Kaposvár attractions

Kaposvár sights: The most beautiful places of the real treasure mine of Transdanubia

Many people would not even imagine what a special city Kaposvár is - it is not by chance that our special restaurant is located here either. In our fast-paced world, even the local residents are often unaware of how many little treasures are hidden within the imaginary city walls of Kaposvár. However, Kaposvár is the most significant settlement in Transdanubia, the true soul of Somogy County. Now we invite you to go on a little adventure, look around the most beautiful places in Kaposvár, discover this exciting neighborhood, and when you are tired, come to our restaurant to recharge your batteries and last but not least to taste the local flavors!

Come and see the sights of Kaposvár on our famous route!

If you are over a certain age, it probably says a lot for you when we say, head to Kaposvár on road 67!  You will love the section of road 67 leading from Mernye to Kaposvár, where a famous song plays while the car's wheels touch the depressions carved into the asphalt! If you drive at a steady speed after the beep warning on the road, the hit song "Road 67" will be played. It's a very special feeling that can take many people back to their youth. Well, this is the way to arrive in the wonderful Kaposvár in style!

The beautiful downtown of Kaposvár - an art nouveau treasure mine

It should be known about Kaposvár that, it was built at the turn of the 20th century, and many wonderfully composed, detailed buildings remain from this era, thanks to which it won the "Hungary's most beautiful main square and main street" award in 2010. Did we say that Kaposvár is very special? It is worth taking a long walk in the city center, not only to see Kossuth Square, but also to see the Csiky Gergely Theater building, the Szivárvány Cinema, the Music Hall, the Technika house, walk along Ady Endre út, György Dózsa út, and Kontrássy utca, if we want to admire the art nouveau treasures that Kaposvár hides. In addition to the wonderful facades and special windows, you can also find such treasures as the Zsolnay drinking fountain or our Memoriae Restaurant Delicates & Brunch.
If you get hungry during the city walk, or on the contrary, you need a little energy, special gastronomic delicacies and drinks before then, book a table with us for the day of your trip to Kaposvár!

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Kaposvár attractions: The city museum

The Rippl-Róna County Municipal Museum is also worth a visit, it is located right in the middle of the pedestrian street. If you are interested in the history of the place, we definitely recommend that you take a look here, as you can learn about the county's history, traditions, ethnographic values, and natural heritage, as well as admire the wonderful collection of Rippl-Rónai's younger brother, Ödön, who is the most valuable paintings of the 20th century. collected and then donated to the museum.

Kaposvár attractions: Vaszary Gallery

Don't worry, we will not only show museums, but the exhibition at the Együd Árpád Cultural Center - Agora really deserves a mention.

Rippl-Rónai Memorial House and Visitor Center - one of the most unique attractions in Kaposvár

Among the attractions in Kaposvár, the Rippl-Rónai Memorial House and Visitor Center stands out, which gives you a glimpse into the former home of our great painter. József Rippl-Rónai was a true genius of his time, a revolutionary painter who established modern painting in our country. In 1908, he bought the former villa in Rome, which is now a memorial house, where he settled with his French wife and lived his busy everyday life. A beautiful park surrounds the huge villa, in which you can see many works of art in addition to the original furniture. And the icing on the cake is that the reconstructed Andrássy dining room, which won the "Exhibition of the Year" title in 2013, is located in the visitor center.

Extra tip: take your tour of Kaposvár's sights to the highest level, and don't miss the statue on Ady Endre Street that captures the famous scene: the meeting of Ady and Rippl-Rónai! I'm also interested in how the artist got around with a toothpick? The statue of Ferenc Trischler in the middle of Fő utca helps you imagine this!

Kaposvár attractions: The most beautiful sculptures in Kaposfüred

If so many statues weren't enough, because you really love this branch of art, then don't worry, because there are many more statues among the attractions in Kaposvár than you might think! You have to look for the special sculptures in the open-air sculpture park of the Kling private gallery, founded in 1992!

Attractions in Kaposvár: The Gyula Takáts Memorial House

The house of Gyula Takáts, our poet, was also preserved intact and turned into a memorial house - thus becoming another attraction in Kaposvár that preserves a small corner of the history of art. In addition to the poet's personal belongings, the rooms are also decorated with works of art: on the walls you can see the works of József Rippl-Rónai and József Egry, which recall the last century.


Kaposvár's oldest attraction: Szentjakabi Bencés Abbey Ruins Garden

Wandering among the attractions of Kaposvár, we can take part in a real time travel, during which a piece of history will be heard in reality. The Benedictine Abbey of Szentjakabi was founded almost a thousand years ago, in 1061, and its Romanesque-style building remains take you back to the past. Lovers of the era can find a lot of treasures in Kerengő, and an open-air theater has also been created in the area. Unfortunately, it is temporarily closed due to renovation works.

Fekete István Visitor Center - another exciting attraction in Kaposvár

To visit the Fekete István Visitor Center, you have to approach the city limits and venture all the way to the shores of the specially named Deseda Lake. This place presents the special wildlife of the area, one of its most spectacular elements is the huge old oak, which everyone must see (it's impossible not to see it when we're there). From the outdoor bird, dragonfly, frog and turtle observation area, it is possible to observe the wildlife of Deseda, and there are also huge aquariums. There is also plenty to do for small children, there is a boat rental, bicycle rental, playground, and boat trips are also organized.


Natural attractions in Kaposvár: Lombkorona Tanösvény near Kaposvár

The gentle lap of nature is only an arm's length away from Kaposvár, the area has a special wildlife. Would you like to discover it from a bird's eye view? As part of the Deseda Adventure Forest, a 20-meter-long canopy trail was built at the height of the tree canopy courtesy of Sefag Zrt., walking at a height of 6 meters is a real experience!

Natural attractions in Kaposvár: House of Forests

For nature lovers, we recommend another attraction in Kaposvár that brings you closer to nature! In this interactive exhibition space, even the smallest children can get closer to the world of forests, young and old can wander among the secrets and wonders of the forest! In addition to the exhibition, there are also exciting, but at the same time useful activities and lectures for the youngest and the oldest!

Kaposvár sights: Equestrian experiences

Kaposvár is a true paradise for horse riding lovers. Among Kaposvár's attractions, there are several places for horseback riding. You may have already heard of the Pannon Equestrian Academy in Kaposvár, as it is known not only domestically, but also internationally. Did you know that the Toponári center is not only the domestic center of horse breeding, but also the site of renowned European and world competitions and equestrian events, which is also the largest indoor hall in Central Europe? If, however, you want an all-day riding experience, you should look for the Meistro Riding Club in Kaposvár! There is also hobby and cross-country riding, a petting zoo and a mini-museum.

Sights of Kaposvár: Virágfürdő

Visiting the sights of Kaposvár, the many walks and sightseeing will probably tire everyone, but not only our restaurant, but also Kaposvár's adventure spa, Virágfürdő, offers a great opportunity to relax. It is the largest adventure pool in Transdanubia, so you will surely find the most suitable pool for you in the 3.5 thousand square meters. There are 46 different visual elements, there are also 3 thermal pools with different temperatures, but there are also swimming pools and saunas in the area. The medicinal water of Kaposvár is excellent for the treatment of locomotor diseases, accidental injuries, and rehabilitation after neurosurgery.

After visiting the sights of Kaposvár, recharge your batteries in our restaurant that brings the flavors of Kaposvár to life! Reserve a table at the Memoriae Restaurant!

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