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Organizing a company year-end event: 5 useful tips for organizing this year's company year-end event

Five useful tips for organizing this year's company year-end event

Five useful tips for organizing this year's company year-end event

Reserve a table

The company year-end event at the end of the year offers your team a great opportunity to celebrate together, reflect on the results achieved and relax together in a well-organized event. In order for the event to be successful and for everyone to have a good time, it is worth considering the following 5 useful tips!
tips for organizing a company year-end event

Reserve a venue in time for the company year-end!

This year, the occupancy of the locations may be more challenging compared to previous years, since all restrictions have been lifted. Therefore, it is advisable to book the appropriate location for the event as soon as possible. Start looking for places and asking for offers in time, because the best places fill up very quickly. Mamoriae Restaurant has several private event rooms, but our calendar tends to fill up quickly during the winter holiday season.
Request a unique appointment now to organize a year-end event! Our rooms can accommodate 50 people. We have already organized many company events with great success.

Complex services, high quality, and a professional event organizing team ensure high quality!

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Take care of the right menu at the company year-end!

The selection of food and drinks is an important element of a company year-end. Ask your colleagues what type of food and drinks they would like at the event, and try to put together a menu that satisfies everyone's tastes. Our professional chefs are also very at home in preparing special dishes. Our gastronomy specialties will enchant all colleagues! A year-end event should not be cut to pieces, successes should be celebrated and colleagues should be duly thanked for their work! With our food and serving, all of this will be perfect. We also pay attention to different sensitivities and unique needs, we also have vegetarian dishes! We provide the option not only for seated table settings, but also for buffet service.

Technical equipment for company year-end speeches

It is customary to hold a few speeches or presentations at the end of the company year, where the past year is reviewed and the team is thanked. Make sure you have the right technical equipment, such as a microphone, sound system, projector or screen, so that everyone can hear and see the presentations well. Or book a venue with us and we'll take care of them! Because our business event venues are very well equipped, all the necessary technical equipment is available.

Other program options for company year-end events

The diverse and entertaining programs contribute to making the year-end event memorable. Think of activities like games, quizzes, or various interactive programs that help strengthen team spirit and a sense of community.

Notify everyone about the company year-end event in time

Due to the preparations for Christmas and the festive period, people tend not to stop, so they must be informed about the events in time, even before the spin, so that they can devote time to it. It is worth notifying everyone about the time and details of the event in good time. Send invitations or notifications to your team and, if necessary, remind them of the event date.
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