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Organizing a winter wedding: advice for organizing a winter wedding, what to pay attention to when organizing a winter wedding

Five tips for organizing a winter wedding

Five tips for organizing a winter wedding

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Winter weddings can create a magical atmosphere, as the snow-white landscape, intimacy and warming drinks together provide an unforgettable experience for the newlyweds and guests. However, due to the cold weather and unique challenges, planning winter weddings can be a little different from weddings in other seasons. If you too want to say the happy yes in the winter wonderland, then it is worth taking into account the following 5 tips, compiled by our professional event planning team!
The step of organizing a winter wedding

Advice for organizing a winter wedding: The location should be the most important

The location is one of the most important factors for a winter wedding. Choose a location where it is possible to stay both indoors and outdoors. This can be important mainly because of the pictures, as they are good if they are taken outside in the winter wonderland, but it is not worth spending a lot of time outside. Our restaurant is located in the center of Kaposvár, surrounded by wonderful buildings. The town hall and the churches are only a few minutes' walk away - so they are easily accessible, guests and the wedding couple only need to be out for the necessary amount of time.
The Memoriae restaurant has wonderful indoor spaces, ideal for a winter wedding: elegant lines, unique equipment. Our separate event rooms are perfectly suitable for accommodating 40-50 people, many cozy weddings have already been held here. Be yours next! Ask for a unique offer for the Big Day!

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Advice for organizing a winter wedding: Take care of the guests' comfort

Due to the cold weather, it is important that your guests feel comfortable. Set up warming stations at the wedding venue where guests can be greeted with hot drinks, blankets and hand warmers. Our staff is prepared for such situations, there are countless hot chocolates and tea specialties on our drinks menu, which will warm up all guests on a winter day!

Advice for organizing a winter wedding: Cozy decorations

Use the magical elements of all winter weddings in the decoration. Candles, garlands, string lights and snow-white flowers help create the perfect winter mood. The gold and silver colors also harmonize beautifully with the decorations of winter weddings, so it is worth including them in the overall picture. We work together with the Eni Flower Shop, who are great masters of wedding decorations, love to create special decorations, and will love your every special idea!

Advice for organizing a winter wedding: Appropriate menu

Due to the cold weather, your guests will appreciate it if you offer them a selection of food and drinks that will warm them up, such as soups, hot chocolate or spiced punch. Also, pay attention to food intolerances and individual needs so that everyone can find the right food for them. Our restaurant updates the menu seasonally, in winter we fill the tables with warming winter dishes. In the case of events such as weddings, it is also possible to create a unique menu!

Advice for organizing a winter wedding: Plan your schedule

Winter weather can sometimes take unexpected turns, so it's important to be flexible with your schedule. If you have planned an outdoor ceremony, think about alternative options if the weather is still bad. If you also plan to take photos outdoors, make sure you include enough time in your schedule, as it gets dark early in winter due to the short daylight hours!
Are you planning a winter wedding? Do you feel you need help? The Memoriae restaurant works with professional event organizers! Contact us and we will help you with everything!

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