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Restaurant with terrace in Kaposvár: downtown restaurant with terrace in Kaposvár, best restaurant with terrace in Kaposvár

Restaurant with terrace in Kaposvár

Restaurant with terrace in Kaposvár

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A restaurant with a terrace in Kaposvár, where you can sit outside and breathe some fresh air if the weather is good? With the arrival of summer, we know how important this is to our guests, so in addition to our heavenly dishes and special drinks, we also welcome our guests with a comfortable terrace!
Restaurant with terrace in the center of Kaposvár

Memoriae restaurant with terrace in Kaposvár

Looking for an exclusive restaurant with a terrace in Kaposvár? Memoriae restaurant will truly delight you! Our restaurant, located in the heart of the beautiful downtown area, aims to enchant every guest as much as the stunning buildings in the city do, both in terms of its interior and the dishes served on the plates. After the arrival of good weather, many people don't want to stay indoors, and we understand that. If you're one of those who are drawn to the sunshine and don't want to stay indoors, we have good news: Memoriae restaurant with a terrace awaits you in the heart of Kaposvár for a true gastronomic adventure in the company of sunshine.

Restaurant with terrace in Kaposvár, where even the food is heavenly? Try Pap Zoltán's seasonal specialties at Memoriae restaurant in the sunshine! Reserve a table by filling out the form below!

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A unique gastronomic experience at a restaurant with terrace in Kaposvár

There are certainly several restaurants with terraces in Kaposvár, but if you want to experience an exciting gastronomic journey where you can taste special dishes that you typically don't prepare at home, then Memoriae restaurant is the place to choose! Our professional chefs prepare the most exclusive international dishes with a touch of Hungarian seasoning! Beautiful and very delicious dishes are served, whether you choose to sit on the terrace or in the interior of the restaurant. If you'd like to browse the menu, you can find it HERE.

Restaurant with terrace in Kaposvár, also suitable for events

Memoriae restaurant has a specialized team for organizing events. Therefore, we are available for organizing events of any kind. Whether it's family gatherings, graduation parties, birthdays, proms, wedding anniversaries, weddings, or any other business event, our event rooms are at your disposal, and the terrace area is available for a limited number of guests as well! When it comes to organizing events, we offer comprehensive services: venue provision, catering, the finest dishes, premium drinks, service, and decoration with the involvement of Eni flower salon! For events, Memoriae restaurant with the best terrace in Kaposvár is the choice!

Restaurant with terrace in Kaposvár, also provides catering for business events

Our restaurant specializes in hosting business events. We have several exclusive event rooms that are perfect for press conferences, corporate meetings, product presentations, conferences, team-building activities, corporate year-end parties, and other celebrations. If you need a larger venue for your business event than what our restaurant can accommodate, we also offer catering services. Whatever business event you are planning, if you want it to be exclusive and of high quality, and you want to take the weight off your shoulders, request a quote by filling out the form below!

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