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The best spring programs in Kaposvár (2024)

The best spring programs in Kaposvár

The best spring programs in Kaposvár

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We can't wait for the long, dark winter to finally end, for the trees to start budding again, for the birds to sing in the spring sunshine, and for us to take huge spring walks in nature. While you're waiting, we've collected the best spring programs in Kaposvár for you so you can enjoy the spring sunshine!
The best spring programs in Kaposvár area 2024

Winter Joy Run in Kaposvár

Right at the beginning of February, we found a great program for you. In Kaposvár, not the Busós, but the runners drive away the winter, and you can even be part of the team! "Let's be the running fools of the city and its surroundings, accompany fools, belong to it and have fun." - reads the invitation, which also mentions that the first 75 participants can expect a small gift. The location is Deseda, the meeting is right in front of the buffets, the exact time: February 10 (Saturday), 10:00). The distance is a Deseda circuit, which is 13.8 km long, but 1-2 rest stops are planned in between, and it will also be possible to shorten it.

Life is still ahead of you / Fruzsina Ács and Máté Balázs Szabó's joint evening in Kaposvár

There are only a limited number of tickets available for the Dumaszínház performance on Friday, March 22, at 6:00 p.m. in the Kaposvár K-centre. “Why don't they teach us in school how to wash a pan that's bigger than the sink? What should we do if we see on Instagram that our former classmates are more successful than us? In addition to the rising sublet prices, how do we finance our consumption of avocados?" If you're interested in the answers, hit a ticket. If you would also like to enjoy a delicious dinner after the program, then reserve a table as soon as possible, because we are also running out of places!

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Daffodil Festival at the Rippl-Rónai Memorial House

In April 2024, the Daffodil Festival cannot be missed among the best spring programs in Kaposvár! At the Rippl-Rónai Emlékház, nearly 20,000 daffodil bulbs are waiting for the good spring weather so that they can finally come out and dazzle visitors with their wonderful color. There is literally a sea of flowers here every spring, so it is worth visiting the Memorial House and its original park at this time. As part of the Daffodil Festival, craft activities, special guided tours, lectures, and concerts for children are usually held. It's really nice to have a picnic at this time!

Easter whirlwind in the Szennai Skanzen

Although not in Kaposvár, they are organizing a program next door that you should not miss! The Szennai Skanzen will once again host the traditional Easter programs, which are favorites of young and old alike. On Easter Sunday, there will be egg painting, "scented water" making, and a playhouse, and on Monday, the village's Easter traditions will come to life: sprinkling, a dance hall, a folk playhouse, a puppet theater, and there will also be exciting concerts.
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