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Terrace restaurant in Kaposvár, Memoriae Terrace restaurant in Kaposvár


Terrace restaurant in Kaposvár

Summer is finally here, the good weather, the sunshine - and with it, the Memoriae terrace restaurant in Kaposvár, in the city center, is also opening its outdoor part. In the fresh air, in the sun, you can enjoy our most delicious dishes and our excellent cocktails, there are also non-alcoholic ones!
Terrace restaurant in Kaposvár

Terrace restaurant in Kaposvár, downtown?

The beautiful downtown of Kaposvár has already won many awards. We are also proud that the Memoriae restaurant, nicknamed by the locals as the "elephant restaurant", is located next to such special buildings. And we are especially happy that with the arrival of good weather, we can open the outdoor part of our restaurant with a terrace. Fresh air and natural light create a pleasant atmosphere, which is ideal for relaxing meals and meetings with friends and family. A date, girls' get-together, boys' party, family birthday celebration, or maybe an important business meeting? The Memoriae terrace restaurant in Kaposvár welcomes you with great love! If you want to be sure, book a table with a few clicks on the interface below.

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Memoriae terrace restaurant Kaposváron menu

The Memoriae terrace restaurant in Kaposvár welcomes its guests with a new menu every season. We always try to match the selection of our dishes to seasonally available, fresh ingredients. Cooling summer drinks, food and dessert specialties await you. Under the guidance of Zoltán Pap Corporate Chef, special dishes are prepared in a special way. The Memoriae terrace restaurant in Kaposvár prepares the best dishes of international cuisine in a slightly reimagined form. Taste the best dishes of our seasonal menu from our terrace!

Memoriae terrace restaurant in Kaposvár also for brunch

Brunching, i.e. a late, hearty breakfast that is also suitable for lunch, has a huge trend these days. There is no better morning program, on a sunny Saturday, than looking for a restaurant with a terrace in Kaposvár, and the most delicious breakfast dishes are available with the best coffees. And we have good news, the Memoriae restaurant welcomes guests not only for lunch and dinner, but also for breakfast, i.e. brunch. You can also find our breakfast selection on our menu, which is really best eaten from our terrace in the morning sun, with birds chirping.


Memoriae terrace restaurant in Kaposvár for events

The Memoriae terrace restaurant in Kaposvár welcomes the organizers of various events and their guests. Small-scale wedding, birthday celebration, post-graduation lunch, anniversary celebration, any other family gathering, class reunion, perhaps a company event, team building, or early summer gathering? The whole thing will be much more cozy on the terraced part outside. We also have special outdoor decoration tools and unique ideas. Contact our event organizer colleagues and discuss all further details! You can request an individual offer via our contact details below.
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