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These are the most beautiful wedding flowers!


These are the most beautiful wedding flowers

Planning a wedding is full of excitement. The wonderful overall picture will finally come together if we pay attention to every little detail, for example, to choose the most elegant and beautiful flowers as the accent elements of the wedding decoration. We think these are the most beautiful wedding flowers!
the most beautiful wedding flowers

Calla lilies are one of the most beautiful wedding flowers

This special flower with a beautiful hold, which many brides tend to forget, is especially suitable for elegant weddings, and which is why it is now at the top of our list. We think it's perfect. Calla lilies are elegant and modern-looking flowers that are smooth, long-stemmed and very stylish. An ideal choice for bouquets and table decorations. It looks especially good in simple, minimalist compositions. Its special twisted leaf-shaped flowers make the atmosphere of the big day special.

Gladiolus is also a very beautiful wedding flower

Due to its long, imposing bloom, the gladiolus is excellent for making tall table decorations. According to many, his appearance is downright royal. It can also be purchased in more restrained colors, but it can be found right up to deep blue and fiery red shades. They create a nice contrast with round flowers like roses or peonies.

The rose cannot be left out of the list of the most beautiful wedding flowers

You could say it's a classic, but it can't be left out of our list of the most beautiful wedding flowers, right? Roses are the classic choice for weddings. They are available in many different colors and varieties, so they easily match any color concept and style. They can also be beautiful when combined with a bouquet of roses or mixed flowers. It is very popular not only because of its color and shape, but also because of its durability, which is very practical when choosing flowers for wedding decorations.

Of course, tulips are also among the most beautiful wedding flowers

Today, the tulip is a particularly popular flower, not only in the Netherlands and the surrounding regions, but also in the Netherlands according to the latest trends. Tulips are especially popular for spring weddings, but they are also perfect for early summer weddings. With their simple elegance and wide color palette, they fit well with any decoration style.
The lily is a truly special wedding flower
Lilies are large, eye-catching flowers that brighten up wedding decorations with their fragrance and gorgeous appearance. They look especially good in larger rooms or hall decoration. You can't miss elegant weddings! They are especially amazing in white!


The peony can also be one of the most beautiful flowers at your wedding, if you're lucky.

Peonies are lush, romantic flowers that are perfect for wedding bouquets and table decorations. Why did we write that if you are lucky? Their season is short, usually from May to June, so if you are planning your wedding during this period, it is an excellent choice.

For these beautiful flowers, do you only need a beautiful wedding venue? In the event rooms of our restaurant in the center of Kaposvár, it is also possible to hold weddings. For details, contact us!

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