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Wedding restaurant in Kaposvár


Wedding restaurant in Kaposvár

Organizing a wedding is not a small task, and perhaps the most important and also the most difficult part of the whole organizational work is finding the perfect place to say I do and to celebrate after I do. Could a beautiful, elegant and yet romantic wedding restaurant in the magical center of Kaposvár be ideal?
Wedding restaurant in Kaposvár

Wedding restaurant in Kaposvár

In Kaposvár, you can choose from a number of excellent wedding restaurants that offer excellent services for the Big Day. Available in different styles and sizes, restaurants in the city can be ideal for wedding events. If it is a wedding restaurant in Kaposvár, the Memoriae restaurant is an excellent choice. Why? The restaurant is located in the center of Kaposvár, within easy walking distance of the church and the marriage hall. The restaurant offers a full range of wedding services, it is possible to create a unique menu, order cookies and cakes, you can choose from several drink packages, and our decorator colleagues will decorate the wedding event hall of our restaurant based on your unique needs.

Wedding restaurant in Kaposvár with private room rental

The Memoriae restaurant has a private function room, so you don't need to book the entire restaurant for a smaller wedding. The capacity of the event hall is 50 people, so it is perfectly suitable for smaller weddings. The room can be arranged in several ways according to needs. It is also possible to have a seated table setting, but also to serve buffets in the latest trends. Is the Memoriae wedding restaurant in Kaposvár ideal for me? On our website you can find several pictures that can help you decide.
However, we always say that when planning a wedding, it is important to visit the venue so that you can see for yourself the features of the space, the atmosphere, and try the menu and service. If you need more information or would like to see the venue, please contact the restaurant directly. This will help you get an accurate picture of the possibilities and make sure that the location meets your ideas in all respects, the Memoriae wedding restaurant in Kaposvár.

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Wedding restaurant in Kaposvár - what services can be requested?

It is completely natural for me that a wedding restaurant in Kaposvár can provide dinner for the wedding party, but it doesn't matter in what quality. In our restaurant, we take particular care to prepare high-quality dishes from only high-quality ingredients, even at such important events. You can also look at our menu if you want to see what kind of food we serve. We set the bar high not only with our food, but also with our drinks, several premium drinks can be found on the drinks menu. If you would like more information, please contact us! However, our services go beyond catering, you can also count on us for the next step of wedding planning.

Wedding restaurant in Kaposvár with extra services

The Memoriae wedding restaurant in Kaposvár offers extra services to couples getting married, such as help in organizing the wedding, organizing programs, and compiling a program booklet. If required, we can even help you prepare the invitations. Working together with the Eni Flower Shop, we create a unique, sophisticated decoration for our event hall. We know not only the traditional guidelines, but also the latest trends. We always welcome unique ideas!
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