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The Zselici Star Park is located next to Kaposvár - the most beautiful shooting stars


The Zselici Star Park is located next to Kaposvár - the most beautiful shooting stars

Watch the summer star fall from the most beautiful star park in Hungary! Many people don't know, but the wonderful Zselici Star Park is just an arm's length away from Kaposvár, which is one of the most perfect places, for example, to observe shooting stars in the summer.
Zselici Star Park near Kaposvár

Zselici Star Park is the most beautiful stargazing place in Hungary

The Zselici Observatory Park, or Zselici Star Park (as the locals call it in several ways) is a truly special place that was created to preserve the natural darkness of the night and allow clear observation of stars, planets and other celestial phenomena. In 2009, it was officially awarded the title of star park by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), making it the first such park in Hungary and one of the first in Europe. Special attention is paid to the minimization of artificial light sources in the park area, thus ensuring that the lights of the night sky can be observed without distractions. In the summer, it's great to watch the night sky from here.

Zselici Star Park programs

They regularly organize astronomy shows, telescope observations led by experts, and give visitors the opportunity to learn more about celestial bodies and the basics of astronomy. The park is not only a tourist attraction, but also functions as an educational center, where lectures and workshops on sky protection and astronomy are held for school groups and adults alike. Night tours are also organized in the park, during which visitors can learn about the park's nocturnal wildlife and the view of the starry sky. We think it's a must-see in the summer, especially during the shooting stars!

Zselici Star Park Hungary's most spectacular shooting star

In the summer, several meteor showers can be observed, the most famous and spectacular of which is the Perseid meteor shower. In such cases, passing meteors and shooting stars are clearly visible with the naked eye. It usually lasts from mid-July to mid-August, and usually peaks between August 9-13. One of the most active meteor showers, during which we can observe 50-100 meteors per hour under ideal viewing conditions, for example in the Zselici Star Park. The Perseids appear from the constellation Perseus, hence their name. Meteors often appear in long, bright plumes across the sky.

Did you know that in summer it is worth visiting not only the Zselici Star Park, but also the Memoriae restaurant in Kaposvár? We are preparing a special summer menu and refreshments. The summer dinner on our terrace is an experience. Be sure to stop by before or after the Star Park!

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