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The best programs in Kaposvár and the surrounding area this year

The best programs in Kaposvár and the surrounding area this year

The best programs in Kaposvár and the surrounding area this year

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Kaposvár is the cultural citadel of Transdanubia, there are more than better sights lined up one after the other, and this is no different with the programs. The varied programs in Kaposvár are just waiting for you. We show you which ones you should not miss - in this article, we have collected the best programs in Kaposvár.
programs in Kaposvár

The best programs in Kaposvár

Kaposvár is a much more diverse and exciting city than many people think. Did you know, for example, that thanks to its beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, it won the "Hungary's most beautiful main square, main street" award in 2010? And that József Rippl-Rónai, the founder of modern painting in Hungary, lived in Kaposvár? And are you aware that the stronghold of domestic horse breeding and equestrian training is also here? After reading this summary, you can imagine how exciting programs await the seat of Somogy county! By the way, in this article we have also collected the best attractions in Kaposvár. But now let's come to the best programs in Kaposvár, which include several free programs.

The best programs in Kaposvár: Honey Festival

Although it has not yet been revealed what the exact date will be in 2023 for this frenetic and literally honey-sweet program in Kaposvár, we have already found out for you that you must come! For more than 10 years, they have been organizing conferences, exhibitions and fairs revolving around the beneficial effects of honey. This is not just a simple fair or conference where beekeepers gather, but a series of large-scale programs lasting several days, where choirs, folk dancers, performers and ensembles entertain the guests. This program in Kaposvár usually takes place in the heart of the town, on Kossuth Square, around September.

The best programs in Kaposvár: Rippl-Rónai Festival 

Kaposvár's largest festival, arguably the best program in Kaposvár, whose roots go back two whole decades. The basis of the all-arts festival was the work of József Rippl-Rónai, the namesake. Originally, everything revolved around art nouveau and fine art, but today it has grown and other art branches have joined in one after the other. June 8-10, 2023 in Kaposvár, in several locations, the Rippl-Rónai Festival awaits with a lot of programs. There will also be free events among the programs in Kaposvár, which include serious and light music concerts, dance theater performances, puppet shows, children's performances, theater, parties, concerts, literary round tables, and fairs. Kossuth tér will be one of the main venues where the Karácsony János Trió, Senior Ensemble, Lóci Játszik, Carson Coma, Analog Balaton, ByeAlex and Slepp will perform, among others - this venue is free to visit. The other main venue is the Kaposvári Arena, which can be visited with discounted tickets and passes, the main programs here: Beton Hofi, Azahriah, Andro, Willcox, Loving Arms, Valmar, Necc Party.
Discounted tickets are available until April 10: season ticket HUF 8,900, day ticket HUF 5,900, after that season ticket HUF 9,900, day ticket HUF 6,900 until May 31. Believe me, the best programs in Kaposvár await you at this festival!

The best programs in Kaposvár: We own the City festival 

"Wine and food festival in downtown Kaposvár with demanding programs and lots of music," reads the program description. The best programs in Kaposvár are always gastronomic - we just know! This festival will be held between September 1-2, 2023. Have a good start to autumn too, have a little fun before school starts! Gastronomy lovers do not have to wait until September, as our special restaurant, Memoriae Étterem, located in the center of Kaposvár, awaits you every day of the year with special gastronomic specialties, fresh dishes, seasonal dishes and premium quality drinks!

There is no need for gastronomic programs in Kaposvár, because if you know the Memoriae Restaurant, then every lunch or dinner will be a real gastronomic adventure! Our chefs do everything to put not only a perfect dinner on your plate, but an unforgettable taste experience! Reserve a table in our restaurant!

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